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Top Gear Season 20 Episode 3 pleasure centres up through the gears again with an opening review of what looked to be another British triumph the BAC Mono, a fine looking amalgam (if the Top Gear commentary is to be relied upon) of van engine, F3 gearbox and robot-design, which not only fulfilled its billing as “the best thing to come out of Cheshire since the cheese” but also managed the more astonishing feat of getting around the legendary Top Gear track in the second fastest time, ever. Always eager to appeal to the show’s female demographic Clarkson went to enormous lengths to point out how they, especially, might enjoy the remarkable “tingling, vibrationy” quality the car exhibited at higher rev levels. That’s about as classy as this show aims to get.


{HDHQ} Top Gear Season 20 Episode 3 Watch “Streetfire” Online

{HDHQ} Top Gear Season 20 Episode 3 Watch “Streetfire” Online

Obviously no Top Gear Season 20 Episode 3 Top Gear is complete without a spot of wanton destruction, in this case supplied by Richard Hammond’s efforts to determine which of the world’s taxis was the best. His highly “scientific” test amounted to subjecting a selection of global people ferriers– everything from a Russian stretch limo to a Mexican VW Beetle – to a stock car race. Rampant aggression, chaos and a vast –even by this show’s high standards – amount of onscreen carnage followed. All of which was perfect post-tennis stress-relief and, no doubt, absolutely necessary when it came to proving that London’s black cabs are no match for India’s virtually indestructible Hindustan Ambassador.

A rather dull, mostly engineless and rather pointless tribute to BBC Television Centre was balanced out with a charming appearance by Top Gear Season 20 Episode 3 A-list Hollywood film director Ron Howard in the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car slot. As ever this was accompanied by some shameless pluggery; but at least Howard’s latest, Rush, was more relevant to the show than most – the 1970s rivalry between F1 drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt, a subject likely to provoke insane levels of excited anticipation among many of the show’s petrol-head viewers.

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